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Overwatch Workshop release date could be very soon

Perhaps the greatest addition to the Overwatch experience in the Workshop could see a release date of as early as May 21, if the latest words from Blizzard directly are anything to go by.

Blizzard has been working to refine the Workshop UI across a few patches on the PTR, and fans across PC and console have been waiting for word on when the innovative new creative suite would make its way over to the public servers.

overwatch workshop release date

With the Workshop, Blizzard is simplifying game scripting, expanding it to offer a wide range of customisation features for players. The Game Browser attached to this mode is now available via the PTR, and players are already going well above and beyond what I ever thought was possible within Overwatch.

Taking already established game modes, you can create a script, redefining hero codes, abilities and skills, and then turn everything on its head with a totally unique — and probably crazy — Overwatch game mode. So far, Blizzard has shown us a “Floor is Lava” mode created in the Workshop, in which players catch fire as soon as they tough the ground.

overwatch workshop release date

The big question now is: when will the Workshop be ready to jump off the PTR and join the action on the public servers? We may now have an idea of when.

Speaking on the official Blizzard forums, Overwatch developer Keith Miron advised players to get ready for a PTR shutdown and subsequent end to the Workshop’s pre-release test, which generally points to an upcoming launch across public servers.

overwatch third person

“We’re going to be winding down PTR soon,” he said. “If you haven’t already done so, make sure to generate codes for work that you want to have carried over once PTR shuts down.

“You have this weekend to do so, but no guarantees after that! We also just wanted to say thank you so much for all of you …”

overwatch workshop release date

The timing falls in line with the launch of the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event on May 21. That’s not to say that the Workshop will launch alongside the event on the same date, but it would be a fantastic way to kick-off Overwatch‘s third anniversary with what is currently the most creative and innovative feature to join the game in years.

Fingers crossed for the Workshop’s console launch the next few days.

overwatch anniversary 2019 start date
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