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Rage 2 weapons locations and unlock guide

Rage 2 sets the scene fairly early to be all about bombastic action and all-out carnage with a diverse arsenal of weapons. Given the nature of its combat, its large and open world, and its obsession with gunplay, it goes without saying that a strong arsenal of weapons will only help in your effort to survive the wasteland.

You can find each of these weapons scattered across the game world, in various Arks, which we’ll cover soon on how to find. In this guide we’ll focus on Rage 2‘s variety of weapons on offer, and in which Arks to find them.

Rage 2 Rifle Weapons Locations

Ranger Assault Rifle

Where To Find/Unlock: Acquired once you complete the main tutorial missions.

rage 2 weapons locations


Combat Shotgun

Where To Find/Unlock: This weapon is a component of the “Blackout” mission. Head to Ark 402a, round the Gun Barrel Ark in the Broken Tract.


Firestorm Revolver

Where To Find/Unlock: You’ll need to venture out to the Catabomb Ark, which is in the Sekreto Wetlands.

rage 2 weapons locations

You’ll find this Ark located smack-bang between Lagoney and Kvasir’s Laboratory.

Settler Pistol

Where To Find/Unlock: This was a pre-order unlock, available only to those that pre-ordered the game.

Sidewinder Pistol

Where To Find/Unlock: TBC



Where To Find/Unlock: TBC

Smart Rocket Launcher

Where To Find/Unlock: Venture out to the north of the Torn Plains, and it’s in the Strongbox Art where you’ll find the weapon.

rage 2 weapons locations

Grav-Dart Launcher

Where To Find/Unlock: This one isn’t especially easy. It can be found in Ark 421a, otherwise known as the “Needle Falls Ark”.

Getting there you’ll need the Icarus ability, or have the patience to drive up the mountain to the top of the waterfall.


Where To Find/Unlock: Head over to the Ark in the Wilds, to the northern area.

Clearing out the area of the enemies will land you this weapon. It’s a Lvl 10 area, so much sure you’re ready and well-equipped.

rage 2 weapons locations

Charged Plasma Cannon

Where To Find/Unlock: TBC

BFG 9000

Where To Find/Unlock: You’ll need to head out to the Meteor crash site to find this weapon. If you have a Deluxe Edition version of the game, it’ll pop up on your map once you complete the game’s tutorial.

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