Overwatch team ‘working to grow’ franchise into new areas Overwatch team ‘working to grow’ franchise into new areas
The future of Overwatch is on the agenda at publisher, Activision Blizzard, with the team working to continually evolve the experience. Overwatch team ‘working to grow’ franchise into new areas

Closing in on its third anniversary, Overwatch has become somewhat of a Blizzard staple. The development team’s continued support and transparency — alongside growing esports presence — has helped evolve the game into how it currently stands today, even if large contingencies of the player base are convinced that it’s slowly dying.

Regardless of how you see the franchise and its current position, it’s hard to ignore just how much Blizzard is continuing to support the game and franchise, and the latest investor’s call only goes further to prove that.

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Speaking during the latest call, Blizzard president, Allen Brack, said the Overwatch development team has no plans to slow down its work on the game and franchise more broadly.

“Over the rest of the year, we’ll continue to add new heroes and new maps and new experiences,” he said.

overwatch goats

Brack also explained that, with Blizzard’s “very large ambitions” driving much of the creativity for the Overwatch universe, they are confident in how it can develop over time, and that the team is looking into balancing work on the existing game, as well as “other work that they have”.

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“Overwatch is a huge tentpole franchise for Blizzard and we’re continuing to dedicate the resources and the attention, so that we can continue to grow the community and the franchise over time,” Brack said.

overwatch goats

We’ve already seen some pretty significant changes and additions to Overwatch in the past months. The addition of Baptiste looked to reshape the infamous GOATS meta, while the Workshop, a new creative suite currently in testing phase on the PTR, stands to completely redefine the Overwatch experience for thousands of players.

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