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Avengers: Endgame gets its own game in Overwatch

The wonders of the Overwatch Workshop can’t be understated, and we’re starting to see some truly amazing projects, ideas and creations flowing out on a daily basis. No creation is perhaps more topical, however, than this ode to the year’s biggest movie, and perhaps the closest thing we’ll ever get to an Avengers: Endgame game.

Taking already established game modes, the Overwatch Workshop allows you to create a script, redefining hero codes, abilities and skills, and then turn everything on its head with a totally unique — and probably crazy — Overwatch game mode.

Over on Reddit, player kaiomm has shown just how creativity can be fuelled and fed by the Overwatch Workshop, leading to what could well be considered the closest thing to a AAA Avengers: Engame game.

In their version of Overwatch, Infinity Stones have been scattered across the maps, and, you guessed it: they grant special special to anyone who shall posses them.

avengers endgame game

The Time Stone, increases movement speed; the Soul Stone grants health regeneration; the Power Stone increases damage; the Mind Stone reduces damage taken; the Space Stone reduces personal gravity; and the Reality Stone deals AOE damage to nearby players.

If you hold one of the stones, it will be identified above your hero’s head, and if you kill someone possessing a stone, you’ll receive it in return. If you hold all six Infinity Stones, you’ll be visible to players on the map for 30 seconds: survive, and your “Snap” will end the game, and you’ll claim victory.

avengers endgame game

The aim of the game is, of course to collect the infinity stones. Any stones being carried by a player show up above their head, and killing a player who has stones grants you one of them, while the others will scatter across the map.

Check it out in the video above, and then go and check out our Top 10 Overwatch Workshop ideas.

avengers endgame game

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