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Racist Overwatch player’s bizarre rant prompts Blizzard action

Racist Overwatch player’s bizarre rant prompts Blizzard action

Blizzard may be constantly working to stamp out toxicity in Overwatch — and may perhaps set a standard for the rest of the industry — but the unfortunate reality is that nasty people exist, and it’s impossible to stop vile players at the gates before the fact.

That means some people have to actually face the most degrading and offensive language you can imagine while playing online, and while it may be easy to think that “they’re only words”, when those words are being used as a reflection of your perceived behaviour, it can hurt.

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Case in point: a stunningly bizarre and racist rant recently recorded during a competitive match. You can view the act in question on Twitter below, posted by Respect_Rose, who was on the receiving end of a player’s horrendous words.

Rose is defending the point with her team while playing as Mercy, moving from player to player as soon as they hit critical health. Without wanting to sound patronising, the footage looks to be actually the perfect way to play Mercy.

That’s not enough for old mate Orisa main, however, who not only decided to attack Rose for what he perceived to be poor Support play, but went a step further as to correlate that play with her ethnicity.

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“This is certainly not the worst altercation I had in gaming,” Rose continued.

“This is certainly not the worst altercation I had in gaming. I’ve done Modern Warfare, I’ve done Call of Duty, GTA you name it. But I wanted to post this clip to show that it’s still happening in 2019.

Yes I could have muted, yes I could have left but no matter what I do as a POC (person of color), no matter where I go there’s discrimination, period.”

Blizzard was thankfully super quick to reacted, and the Overwatch community broadly appears to have rallied behind Rose (aside from the occasional edgelord).

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“Thank you and those others who shared this report. While we won’t be able to share any specifics, we did want to let you know that we will be looking into this,” Blizzard said. “We’d also like to encourage anyone who encounters harassment to report it in-game.”

It’s unfortunate that the acts of so few can reflect poorly on the majority, but given the sheer nature and impact of the act itself, it should be used as a lesson on, not only how not to act, but just how much your actions can potentially impact others. Imagine living in such a bubble that what you perceive to be poor Mercy play fuels into a weird notion that race equates to quality of play.

A lifetime Overwatch ban wouldn’t be enough for this player (and those that just giggled along): he needs a lesson in humanity.

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Friday 16th of August 2019

Yeah, all could be avoided by using in-game options. Like, ignore. Dirtbags exist but just taking it to complain about it when you don't have to doesn't make much sense to me. The insinuation here is ignoring doesn't matter because it'll just happen again. I doubt that it happens very often and even if it did, utilize the ability to block and ignore idiots.

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Thursday 18th of April 2019

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Friday 12th of April 2019

lol what a wuss, can't handle a bit of shit-talking. I love how she goes all silent at the end.

Hates bad writers.

Tuesday 30th of April 2019

Online anonymity giving them a free pass to go over the top. Who cares, it was meant to get a response. He picked the the right words. I'm white, I've been on the receiving end of it. It's just stupidity, nothing more. Racism is still a non issue in society. Online videogames are not a representation of the west. We're better than that.


Friday 12th of April 2019

It's disgusting what Rose had to experience with these horrible people. Lifetime bans from Blizzard and PSN shouldnt be enough of a punishment. I doubt these guys would ever speak to someone like this in person, and if they had, they surely would have been curbed stomped and rightfully so.


Saturday 13th of April 2019

You think it's right to get beaten over some racist slurs? Good lord I hope you don't live in the US because that would get you thrown into prison. Maybe try not being such a thin-skinned pansy and learn to laugh along with the rest.


Friday 12th of April 2019

While violence may seem like a justified consequence I would like to believe a majority of the human race would see this for what it is, blatant ignorance, and turn around and walk away.