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Overwatch: Baptiste’s first Storm Rising skin has been unveiled

The next Overwatch event in Storm Rising stands to be yet another fascinating insight into the relationship between our heroes and the Talon terrorist organisation. Such is the case with all Overwatch Archives events, we can expect some pretty awesome skins to be released alongside the PvE extravaganza.

We’ve already seen a few leaks and plenty of conjecture surrounding Overwatch Storm Rising skins, but the Overwatch team has already lifted the lid on Baptiste’s new skin, and it’s pretty awesome.

baptiste skin

Initial leaks seemed to point to either a Soldier or Baptiste skin, but the official release below has us primed for what the latest hero will be donning in Storm Rising.

This skin puts Baptiste firmly in Talon’s corner, and it’s going to be great to see that story evolve, particularly seeing as though Storm Rising follows Doomfist and his accountant Maximilian, who by all accounts sounds like a pretty nasty dude.

All of the skins for Overwatch Storm Rising are leaking slowly ahead of the event’s official launch on April 16, so be sure to keep a lookout over the coming days.

Archives events have become arguably the most popular among all Overwatch events alongside Junkentein’s Halloween outing. Given the strong PvE focus and wide range of skins on offer, it’s no surprise, and both the Retribution from 2018 and Uprising events from 2017 both offered fantastic PvE outings alongside Overwatch‘s typical PvP multiplayer bouts.

Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising releases on April 16 across PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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