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Treyarch is listening: Barebones, Infected coming to Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is due for a huge content update on March 26, developer Treyarch has revealed on its recent live stream event.

Treyarch has outlined a number of key changes and additions to the Black Ops 4 roster of modes, including some key changes to Blackout, Black Ops 4‘s Battle Royale mode.

Speaking on its Black Ops 4 Live Stream event earlier today, Treyarch studio hear, David Vonderhaar, went through what players can expect when the March 26 update drops.

Blackout changes

In Blackout, Zero Specialist will see a rather significant addition added to the fold, with an EMP grenade gifted to the specialist.

The Outrider Specialist will land a new Sparrow weapon, alongside a melee weapon called “DemoHammer”.

The EMP will work just as expected: use it, and any enemy equipment or vehicles nearby will be temporarily disable.

Sparrow spews out ballistic arrows, which will explode as soon as they make contact with an enemy, vehicle, or any part of the environment. The DemoHammer will be your stock-standard melee weapon, but will carry a punch on the looks side, and doesn’t appear to offer much outside of that.

Black Ops 4 players can also expect some changes to how the Collapse works in Blackout.

The March 26 update will increase the amount of data caused for every bit of time you stay within the Collapse. This will hopefully prompt players to be more mindful of the collapsing zones, and also encourage more efficient and timely looting when first landing on the map.

There was also an exploit whereby players would use perks to stay in the Collapse longer than usual, giving them an unfair advantage over players without similar perks. As such, Treyarch has upped the damage caused during this time.

Barebones Mode

Black Ops 4 players also have a new multiplayer mode to look forward to in the way of Barebones.

Treyarch says it was want to bring back the “classic” feel of Call of Duty with the mode, and it will surely make players nostalgic of earlier Black Ops games.

In Barebones, there will be:

  • No Specialists
  • No Gear
  • No Operator Mods
  • Manual healing
  • 1 Equipment per life, no recharge


Joining Barebones multiplayer is another highly-requested game mode in Infected.

This mode is exactly as it seems: each match starts off with an “infected” player, and being killed by that player will make you infected.

If you remain uninfected until the end of the match, you win.

No release date on this yet, but we should probably expect it with the next DLC release.

Deathmatch Domination

This one seems interesting: Deathmatch Domination will combine — you guessed it — Team Deathmatch and Domination, whereby both kills and captures will count towards your team’s score.

black ops 4 battle royale map size

No release date on this yet, but we should probably expect it with the next DLC release.

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