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Overwatch Baptiste release date set for March 19

The release date for Overwatch‘s 30th hero is now set, with Baptiste, the unique and powerful Support hero set to join the roster on March 19.

Baptiste has been playable on Overwatch‘s PTR since late February, have gone through multiple patches and changes since he’s had such a significant impact on the meta.

He’s a new Support hero, bringing with him a varied range of abilities, from a three-shot assault rifle, to healing grenades, an Amplification Matrix, and an Immortality Field.

He’ll be the 30th hero to join the Overwatch roster, and chatter has already turned to who Hero 31 will be.

The latest hero to join the Overwatch roster feeds into the Support-centric meta that has graced/plagued the game for a number of seasons now.

Baptiste, an orphaned Haitian with a fascinating back story, brings with him a varied skill set, focused around a high DPS ceiling, and fast, broad healing power.

baptiste legendary skin

Check out some Baptiste tips we’ve put together for him here ahead of his official release. His skins have also been revealed, along a pretty awesome Legendary skin.

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