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Overwatch: Baptiste’s Legendary skin is pretty darn legendary

The release of Baptiste, the latest Support hero to join the Overwatch hero lineup, has been met with mostly positive reaction from the community, even if he is in need of some slight adjustments and balancing ahead of hitting the public servers.

The hero’s high damage capacity and broad healing range make him a viable addition in the current Support-heavy meta, so expect to see him used heavily (at least initially) in future Competitive and League matches.

With his launch fast approaching for those not on the PTR on PC, we have countless videos, guides and insights to keep us grounded until then, and Blizzard has come through with their own fresh insight into the hero with the reveal of his first Legendary skin.

Buccaneer Baptiste, as the skin is called, gives the hero a pirate twist, which you can check out below.

baptiste legendary skin

Baptiste is set to hit public servers later today.

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