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The Division 2 Dark Zone: How To Go Rogue

The Division 2 stands to evolve and improve upon the experience offered by its predecessor, and some refinements made to the Dark Zone set to help it achieve that goal. One of the new additions is that of a Rogue system, which sets to both punish and reward your actions (depending on how you look at it) when battling out on the streets of Washington D.C.

How To Go Rogue

There are three stages of Rogue in The Division 2:

Stage 1 – Rogue

  • Effect – Small Bounty

This is applied when a non-lethal action is undertaken, such as stealing a supply drop, or picking a lock. Essentially, any malicious act where there is no violence.

Stage 2 Disavowed Rogue

  • Effect – Moderate Bounty

Once you kill another agent in The Dark Zone with Stage 1 active on your head, you’ll graduate to a Disavowed Rogue. Players will be able to see the red icon at an enhanced radius to let them know the rogue is in the area.

Stage 3 – Manhunt

  • Effect – High priority target

You’ll need to do a hell of a lot of bad things to reach this level. Killing multiple agents will typically do it, and you’ll end up with a large bounty on your head. 

Clear Rogue Status

Clearing your rogue status will depend on the stage: Stage 3 will require you visiting an SHD Terminal to clear it. For standard Rogue and Disavowed Rogue, however, you’ll simply need to wait for the timer to run out.

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