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Modern Warfare Remastered is now free on PS4

If you’ve not yet had a chance to return to one of last generation’s best games, now’s the perfect time: Modern Warfare Remastered is now free on PlayStation 4.

Set to join PlayStation Plus’ free games lineup for March, Modern Warfare Remastered offers up a (more) modern take on the classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which, at the time of its release in 2007, was quickly catapulted to the top of a prestige list of first-person shooters.

Still recognised as one of the all-time best games, COD4, as it was so widely known and referred to, kickstarted somewhat of a renaissance for the Call of Duty franchise, which, at the time, was struggling to establish itself in a crowded, Halo-dominated market.

It spawned two sequels, and also established Infinity Ward as one of the industry’s premiere developers.

While much of the “IW” team would leave the studio after a bitter dispute with Activision, the franchise’s publisher, the “House That Built COD” is still one part of a three-pronged Call of Duty developer triangle, which also consists of Black Ops 4 developer, Treyarch, and WWII developer, Sledgehammer games. 

Much of the initial Infinity Warfare team went on to help found Respawn, developer of Titanfall, its sequel, and current juggernaut, Apex Legends

However, its legacy lives on Modern Warfare Remastered, a solid albeit glossy version of what was a gritty, rewarding original.

Ahead of Modern Warfare Remastered‘s launch back in 2016, we also took look back at the 10 best maps from Call of Duty 4, many of which can be found in the Remastered version.

“Activision’s colossal Call of Duty series is truly part of the fabric of modern gaming, and it was in 2007 that developer Infinity Ward took the console world by storm with its contemporary spin on the popular action series it helped create,” the PlayStation team said via its blog. “2016’s Modern Warfare Remastered brought the classic back in full HD for a new generation of gamers, while respectfully retaining its first-class gunplay and brilliant level design.

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