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Modern Warfare Remastered: The 10 Best COD4 Maps We Want To See

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered seems like a certainty at this point. If leaked promotional material is to be believed, we’re getting 10 maps along with the campaign. But which maps do we want to see?

It’s fairly clear that Activision is going to look to take advantage of an invested Modern Warfare fanbase by splitting the 20 COD4 maps down the middle. We’ll get 10 maps with the base game — if the leaks are to be believed — which means the other 10 (four of which were released as DLC for the original game) released as paid DLC.

If that’s the case, the maps released later on should merely act as fillers, not as the best that Modern Warfare Remastered has to offer. They should be additions, not expansions. If we’re paying extra for Modern Warfare Remastered, then we should get as close to the best possible product as possible.

So which 10 maps should we get with Modern Warfare Remastered? We already know that every map will eventually make its way to the game, but we’re hoping to see certain maps available for free from the day the game launches.

Here are our top 10 COD4 Maps.

10. Shipment

Shipment is the ultimate Free-For-All map. The map is certainly playable in Team Deathmatch, but tight spawn points made it prone to spawn trapping. Playing a lone-wolf and running around with an mp5 or p90 was the ultimate way to dominate on this map.

9. Showdown

This courtyard map, taking obvious inspiration from the scene in the campaign when President Al-Fulani was executed by Al-Asad, has a real classic multiplayer shooter vibe to it. Spawn points put opposing teams in a face-off-like battle, with gun battles often rolling into the central courtyard. Matches end quickly due to the constant barrage of grenades being thrown, but it offers an exhilarating and fast-paced experience. Showdown really set the standard for small map design in the Call of Duty franchise, inspiring the likes of Nuketown with its squared, centralised and grenade-friendly design.

8. Strike

Strike had it all as a multiplayer map. It was large, it had countless tight corridors, plenty of spots for snipers, and large, open stretches where gun battles often rolled out into. It was a tough map for newcomers due to its varied design, encompassing the best of every multiplayer map to offer an orgy of action, explosions and sniping. So popular was Strike that it was included Modern Warfare 2‘s Resurgence DLC.

7. Overgrown

Overgrown is a true classic. Its barren, open design made it a haven for snipers, but Call Of Duty 4‘s aesthetic realism made it an accessible map for assault-class players as well. Matches often lasted the full ten-minute limit due to a reluctancy to break out of hiding, often leading to a long-range showdown between each team’s best snipers. Like Strike, Overgrown was popular enough to be included in Modern Warfare 2 as part of DLC.

6. Downpour

Downpour is an interesting map, and we know that some COD4 diehards might disagree with its entrance in this list. However, it was one of the more popular maps in the game’s early days, probably due to its low visibility, which made it difficult for snipers to get a clear shot. It had a challenging design, with limited visibility throughout, including constant rain, and dark, dusty interiors. A challenging map, but memorable nonetheless.

5. Backlot

Backlot really epitomises Call of Duty 4‘s map design. There’s plenty of variation and accommodation for different classes and play styles. Each match on Backlot generally has teams split right down the middle between snipers and assault gunners, with the former constantly having to move due to the accessibility of the building and high visibility, whereas the latter essentially has to avoid every open area at all costs.

4. Bloc

Bloc is arguably the greatest sniper map in Call Of Duty history. Its simple design, focused on two buildings and a central courtyard, makes it a haven for long-range standoffs between two teams vying for control. You could generally steal the win by quickly or stealthily getting across the courtyard to the opposing team’s building, and taking them out from behind while they naively focus their attention on the players in the other building.

3. Vacant

Another COD4 classic that got the re-release treatment in Modern Warfare 2. Set among abandoned office buildings, Vacant often led into close-quarter battles between teams, either in the hallways, the small courtyard in the middle of the building, or outside in the grassland between the shipping containers and out into the delivery driveway.

2. Crash

Another classic. Crash had a spectacularly varied design, embracing the play styles of both the sniper and the assault class. Tight corners and interiors, large open spaces, verticality. This map had it all. So popular was Crash that it was also included in DLC for Modern Warfare 2, and went on to become even one of that game’s more popular maps.

1. Crossfire

Crossfire had it all. Plenty of tight, close-quarter combat in the buildings. Long-range sniper battles across the long central part of the map. Intense battles across the small courtyards. You could weave in and out of the buildings and work your way to the other end of the map without encountering an enemy, which made it a fantastic map for flanking an enemy.

What’s your favourite Call Of Duty 4 map? Sound off below!


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

All of these maps were great, Crash also had a Christmas version called Crash Snow which was a free map on PC, not sure about console.

I haven't played COD4 in a few years now, I don't know if it would still have the people playing it online, the remake could be very good for that.

Master Fenix

Thursday 12th of May 2016

There are definitely still people online. Maybe only a few hundred and most lobbies are hacked but if you're lucky you might find a good lobby.


Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

Seeing those maps brings back nostalgia. I used to know all of the sneaky snipe positions and tactics, great times.

Master Fenix

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

I seriously can't wait until we get to play it again :D


Monday 2nd of May 2016

Why is mw always brought up as the best cod game? (I started with world at war fwiw) Some maps have been brought up through dlc at times but they have nothing on mw2 maps

Master Fenix

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

COD4 I think is held up the way it is because of what it brought to the genre. The game was more balanced and grounded than MW2 and was more of a "war" shooter. MW2 was really kind of the start of the "futuristic" setting even though it was modern day. I think objectively MW2 is the better game but COD4 is held up higher because of the nostalgic factor. COD4's campaign is also the best COD campaign ever by a far margin.

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