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Overwatch Brigitte release: 27th hero ‘looking good, almost ready’ for public launch

The 27th hero in Overwatch, Brigitte, will join the public roster soon, but we may need to wait until next week before trying her out in her post-PTR makeup.

The hero is currently being put through her paces on the PC public test realm, with Blizzard working through the testing results to ready her for a release on the public competitive scene.

“Testing has been awesome,” game director, Jeff Kaplan, said. “You all have been a huge help. Probably not this week [for her release], but she’s looking good. Almost ready.”

overwatch brigitte release

Brigitte first hit the PTR back on February 28, just ahead of the launch of Competitive Play Season 9.

Her role in the game is an interesting one, and as one of a few hybrids in the game — she fits firmly into the tank-support role — she stands to be similarly popular as Moira was (and still is) on the competitive scene.

As is always the case with new heroes, they have their official reveal, before eventually hitting the PTR to be tested, adjusted and tweaked ahead of an “official” release.

overwatch brigitte release

We don’t know much about the character outside of her being Torbjorn’s daughter, although more information and backstory is on the agenda.

By way of the official Overwatch Twitter, lead writer, Michael Chu, will be revealing more about the character in an upcoming Q&A.

To submit a question, all you need to do is tag it with #BrigitteLore.

We know that, just like her father in Torb, she’s an engineer. There’s also some relation to Reinhardt, which is what makes for her work-fight balance (see what I did there?).

overwatch brigitte release

Beyond that, not much is known, and we’ve not often had to wait this long leading into a character’s launch to learn about their backstory. Keep a look out for more Brigitte lore in the coming days.

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