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PUBG on Xbox One: Common issues, and how to fix them

The launch of PUBG on Xbox One has not come without its fair share of issues.

Amid reports of significantly downgraded visuals, clunky controls and server issues, the launch has been a solid albeit somewhat bumpy ride for one of the year’s biggest releases.

While the experience itself varies rather significantly from the one offered on PC, you can still find yourself engaged in tense standoffs with other players across the game’s vast open world, and the title itself still manages to keep the experience of survival, scavenging and combat alive and well.

If you’ve come across some issues trying to play PUBG on your Xbox, don’t stress too much because you’re not alone. Many other players are experiencing these growing pains as the title lands on the console, and it’s important to note that this version, much like the PC version, is still in a “preview” phase (that is, not in its full, finalised end state yet).

Connection Issues – Game Freezes During Match

Some players have reported being thrown into a match, the game freezes, and they’re thrown back into the main menu. When they attempt to search for a new game, they’re prompted if they want to join the current in progress game, however doing so leads to an endless loading loop, despite being about to hear movement and the sounds of the environment in the background.

If this happens once for you, it’s probably not too much to worry about. Unfortunately, it’s probably worth just ignoring the temptation  to rejoin the current match, and instead jump into a new match from the beginning.

That can be tough if you’ve worked your way through enemies, but it’s probably the best way to deal with this.

If you’re experiencing this on a consistent basis, there are a few things you could try.

Firstly, try a hard reset of your console to reset your network connection. Do this by holding the power button on your console down for about 10 seconds.

If the issue persists beyond that, give your modem and home network a complete refresh: it’s a long shot and likely doesn’t have much to do with the issue, but it’s worth a try, and is a better option than the last resort of…

Uninstalling the game and reinstalling it again.

Connection Issues – Can’t Find Match

As the game was launched in North America, the servers became inundated with players ready to jump in.

This lead to somewhat of an overload of the servers for the region, making it difficult to find a match. In this scenario your best best would be to simply wait until maintenance is complete, and a more stable online infrastructure is in place.


More often than not the type of online experience you have will depend on the server you’re connected to.

While there’s no Australian server (yet), players have the option of joining a North America, Europe or Asia server.

If you’re experiencing lag, try playing on one of those three servers that acts closer to your location. So if you’re in Australia, that means the Asia server.

Error 8027025A – Took Too Long To Start

Players that pre-ordered and downloaded the game from the Xbox Store may experience this error when they first attempt to launch the game.

You can try booting the game up as many times as you like, but the only way to get around this error is to do a hard reset of your Xbox One console. This seems to fix the issues and has the game start up as normal.

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