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PUBG Crates: When do they reset and how much do they cost

Any game, especially multiplayer games, with some form of customization is going to feature crates. This is a given in the modern gaming world. PUBG is certainly no different, and they form an important part of the customization offerings in the game, be it on Xbox One or PC.

The points you earn throughout your PUBG experience will certainly help shape the kind of character you desire, and crates will end up playing a special role in your customization efforts.

Knowing when crates drop, how much they cost, and what the droprate is, is important knowledge to have as you look to invest in these at-times pricy customization offerings.

When Do Crates Reset?

Whenever you buy a crate, the next crate available for purchase will be slightly more expensive, and this price will increase with every additional crate you purchase.

This will eventually reset, allowing you to purchase the lowest tier of crate at the beginning of a week. Unless you have a hefty amount of coin saved up from matches, you’re not going to be able to buy more than a couple of crates, because after purchasing multiple, you’ll find that the cost for a single crate is what the previously purchased crates cost, combined.

Crates do reset weekly on Mondays and Sundays, depending on your timezone. Once they reset, they’ll return to 700 points per crate. Once you purchase that first crate, the next crate will cost slightly more, and so on.

Xbox Exclusive Crates

The Accessory and Tracksuit crates are two crates are they available exclusively to Xbox One players of PUBG for an extremely limited time.

The Accessory Crate is only purchasable from December 14 – 17th for $4.99 USD, while the The Tracksuit Crate is only purchasable from December 21 – 22nd for the same price. Unless you purchase within these dates, you won’t be able to get these crates.

Tracksuit Crate

Image Name Category
Xbox Tracksuit Pants Pants
  Xbox Tracksuit Top Jacket


Accessory Crate

Xbox Fingerless Gloves Gloves
Xbox Patrol Cap Hat
Xbox T-shirt Shirts
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