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Destiny 2: How To Get A Sparrow

In 2014, we almost immediately clambered onto a sparrow for the first time and traveled through Old Russia. Now we are traversing entire moons on foot! Destiny veterans and newcomers alike may be asking “Where is my sparrow?” There are two methods to obtain one.

How to get a sparrow

SPOILER ALERT (albeit minimal spoiling): Complete the main storyline. Once you do this, you travel to a social space, talk to several different people, and eventually Amanda Holliday will grant you an uncommon (green) sparrow. You get to choose from one of three models; they are all equivalent in terms of their properties, the only difference is aesthetic.

The second method is to reach level 20 (the current maximum level), and decrypt bright engrams via Tess Everis of Eververse Trading Company. Every time you “level up” following level 20, you will receive a bright engram. You have to go see Tess Everis to decrypt them. They have the possibility of containing sparrows, even of the exotic kind (which come with unique perks such as greater speed and dodging capabilities).

You can also purchase bright engrams using silver, which must be purchased with real-life currency. $5.00, or £4.50, gives you 500 silver, allowing you to purchase three bright engrams. Silver and engrams can be purchased at higher quantities as well.

However, Destiny 2 has made the microtransaction system optional as you DO get bright engrams per leveling up, so it’s up to you how you prefer to earn those bright engrams.

Why do I even want a sparrow?

After a while, you’re going to want to traverse the world more quickly to reach lost sectors or public events in time, to name just a couple reasons.

Initially, everything is new and you might find yourself strolling through zones, admiring the scenery and investigating objects for lore, or even stopping at every single enemy for that XP bump on your way to level 20.

At max level, however, you might want to hit a specific location and quickly reach the next one without stopping. Another, and perhaps more important reason, is to cross areas more quickly in Nightfall strikes when a sparrow is permitted, given a new feature of the nightfall is that it is timed, and you want to clear empty space as quickly as possible.

This example alone arguably makes the sparrow more critical to success than it was in the first Destiny. You can, however, complete this week’s nightfall without using sparrows, as my fireteam and I have done. But using a sparrow to close gaps more quickly will definitely come in handy when you’re trying to save precious seconds for that final fight.

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