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Destiny 2 Warlock guide: Dawnblade super, abilities and grenades

Destiny 2 is finally here in the form of an explosive open beta, which now available on Xbox and PS4. If you’ve pre-ordered the game you can jump into the beta now, otherwise you’ll have to wait until 3am AEST, or alternatively use this trick to download it early without pre-ordering on PS4.

From what we can tell about the experience, it’s much of the same with some subtle as well as a number of potent changes that mix things up a bit.

In this guide we’ll take a look at the Warlock class, specifically the Dawnblade subclass. Throw in some new Super Abilities as well and it’s clear to see just how new and refined the Destiny 2 experience is.

Warlock Subclasses

Bungie has only revealed two subclasses for the Warlock.

  • Dawnblade
  • Voidwalker

Warlock Abilities

There are two currently known Warlock class skills in Destiny 2:

  1. Healing Rift: The Healing Rift allows you to produce a circle of light that heals players and allies within the radius
  2. Empowering Rift: The Empowering Rift allows you to produce a circle of light that boost attack damage power (as opposed to healing)

Dawnblade Guide: All Super, Abilities, and Grenades


The Dawnblade subclass is said to replace the Sunsinger class from vanilla Destiny. Let’s take a look at its abilities and movement modes.

Daybreak Super Ability

  • L1+R1/LB+RB – Unleash Solar Light and striking enemies from mid air
  • R1/RB – Throws Solar Light blades towards nearby enemies

Dawnblade Movement

  • Strafe Glide – Glide through the air after jumping
  • Burst Glide – Receive a boost of speed after the initial jump
  • Balanced Glide – Improve control and speed while in midair

Grenade Abilities

  • Solar Grenade – Creates a flare of Solar Light, continuously damaging enemies trapped inside
  • Firebolt – Unleashes bolts of Solar Light at nearby enemies
  • Fusion – Causes bonus damage when attached to its target

Perk Sets

  • Attunement of Sky
    • Winged Sun – While gliding, throw grenades and fire weapons
    • Heat Rises – All kills while airborne will recharge Grenade and Melee Energy
    • Icarus Dash – Allows dodge while in midair by pressing Circle/B
    • Swift Strike – Temporarily increase movement and reload speed when striking an enemy and burning them
  • Attunement of Flame
    • Igniting Touch – Burn an enemy by striking them and causing them to explode
    • Fated for the Flame – Daybreak projectiles will seek out moving targets
    • Everlasting Fire – Extends duration of Daybreak with every kill
    • Phoenix Dive – Descend and regain health while in midair

Keep a look out on our Destiny 2 hub for more guides.


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