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The Church of Hanzo has been founded in Brazil, but sorry, it’s still not okay to pick him in comp

This could very well be exactly what Hanzo mains have been waiting for: real world validation and support to shield them from the never-ending backlash and ridicule they receive online.

The Church of Hanzo exists now, set up in Brazil by an Overwatch fan that has started an organisation called the “Hanzo National Church”. We’ve reached peak crazy.

The reason for this, apparently, is because Hanzo kind of sort of looks like Jesus (not that anyone knows otherwise), and in order to join the church, all you need to do is be baptised, which, in the Hanzo National Church, is simply playing Overwatch.

While the church is a hilarious application of Overwatch meme culture in the real world, the founder did it to highlight how easy it is to set up a tax-free religious organisation through the government. It’s similar in Australia, although one would imagine it wouldn’t stand the test of time here for long, what with religion being seemingly on the way out according to the most recent census.

“I decided to embrace Hanzo’s misunderstanding as one more determining factor in the mission of opening a church,” Hanzo National Church’s founder said. “If I can register a religious institution on behalf of one of the most hated characters in the online game right now, there are no limits to the legislation.”


So, Hanzo mains. While you may be trolling your way to the depths of Bronze, or perhaps your 2 hours of Hanzo play is genuinely good, you can now find solace with other Hanzo mains in Brazil, where Tuesdays are dedicated to playing Overwatch and guiding your 600 SR average team to victory in Competitive Play!

Erm, as Hanzo says, let the dragon consume you? Whatever. Just please switch to a damn tank or support!

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