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Rainbow Six Siege patch notes: Update 2.1.1 readies game for loot boxes, improves Hibana’s launcher

Ubisoft is set to release a big patch for its multiplayer juggernaut, Rainbow Six Siege, with update 2.11 promising to apply a number of important fixes and balancing changes, as well as ready the game for the upcoming “Alpha Pack” loot boxes.

Update 2.11 should be live across the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of Rainbow Six Siege, so get online now to download it. Players were met with some server issues last night, with Ubisoft confirming today that scheduled maintenance had finished up and the game and patch were back online and live.

Rainbow Six Siege will get its long-awaited loot boxes, with Update 2.11 preparing the game for their arrival. Alpha Packs introduce a chance-based loot system, which will contain past cosmetics, as well as Legendary tier items that will only be available via Alpha Packs.

Alpha Packs won’t be made available with the patch, instead seeing a staggered launch across platforms now that the patch is live and the game is ready for the launch.

Every player will receive one free loot box once they’ve activated it on a platform of their choice.

Also coming as part of the patch is a fix to Hibana’s X-Kairos launcher. The problem related to the gun’s pellets inconsistent spread across multiple environments, alongside some issues with firing that often saw pellets fired more than the desired amount. Ubisoft says the launcher has been fixed, and that the weapon’s performance should be more consistent.

The Siege community can also celebrate improvements to Kana’s spawn area. Spawn-killing was a massive problem on the map, and Ubisoft has been trying to address it for a while, first changing the design of the Control Room to block access from the outside.

However, spawn-killing simply moved around the area, and so the problem persisted. Ubisoft has now added additional pieces of cover and walls to block these traps, while Coastline’s walls have also been rebuilt so as to allow full destruction (previously they couldn’t be destroyed in full).

Check out the full patch notes here.

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