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Doomfist: Everything you need to know about Overwatch’s most mysterious character

Dating back to as early as before Overwatch was even released, fans of the online juggernaut have been clamouring for anything and everything Doomfist related.

Blizzard has done a superb job of teasing the Overwatch community with subtle references and hidden story elements, but we all know how painful that can be after putting up with the Sombra reveal. It was months after the initial hint before we even got an official glance at the character, and then another long wait before she joined the game roster.

The rumours surrounding Doomfist subsided for a while there but have since resurfaced following the latest Overwatch news report (it’s since been taken offline), which confirms that Akande Ogundimu — aka. Doomfist — is responsible for that OR15 unit being firmly embedded in the wall in Numbani’s airport spawn area.

A big reveal is on the cards, pointing to a new hero. But will it be Doomfist? All signs point to yet … and Blizzard probably needs to just hurry up and reveal the character before we all lose our minds!


Doomfist rumours have lingered for two years

Most Overwatch fans first heard of Doomfist in this cinematic trailer, released at the end of 2014.

Since that trailer, the community has questioned Blizzard’s reluctance to talk about a character — or ideal/persona/identity — that appeared to be such an important story component, so early in the game’s existence.

It’s easy to understand, then, the community’s obsession with Doomfist, and why the mysterious character persists as a point of a discussion among Overwatch fans.

Since then we’ve seen plenty of Doomfist being hinted out throughout the game. His likeness can be found throughout Numbani, with Doomfist being obviously treated as a figure of peace and safety. We know that now, following Orisa’s reveal and the current state of the airporn lounge, that it’s no longer safe.

The three different Doomfists

We also know that “Doomfist” is a moniker, and that at one point, it was part of Overwatch, but that it was also potentially a villain of Overwatch.


The Saviour: We know this to have been a past Overwatch member who wore and possessed the power of Doomfist. This Doomfist was part of the Omnic War, and almost single-handedly destroyed the Omnics, hence the title of “The Saviour”.

The Scourge: What we can gather from the name and cinematic trailer is that The Scourage was an enemy of Overwatch. They were either once The Saviour, who defected and turned evil, or they destroyed The Saviour and took control of the Doomfist and the moniker.

In the cinematic trailer, we hear that Winston destroyed The Scourge, and that the Doomfist gauntlet was put on display in Numbani in a museum. The Gauntlet is also the payload on the Numbani map.


The Successor: Going by the name, we can assume that this is to be a replacement for the original “Saviour”, although it could be much more complicated than that. The poster above is a silhouette, suggesting a successor has yet to be chosen. The question remains as to whether the successor will be an addition to the Overwatch team, or a villain.

Akande Ogundimu

After many months of conjecture, Blizzard finally gave us a name: Akande Ogundimu. We don’t know for sure whether Ogundimu is The Successor, because it could all be retrospective and we could find ourselves learning about The Savior or potential The Scourge. It would probably make more sense for him to be The Successor, considering the natural progression and timing of the narrative as it’s been told thus far.

Murmurs floating about might be stretching it all a little much, but “Akande” reportedly means “first born”. That’s difficult to apply in this situation, with some suggesting it acts as a “rebirth” of Doomfist, while others suggest it means Akande is actually The Savior.


When can we expect a reveal?

It seems as though Blizzard is preparing to reveal Doomfist very soon. Based on the reveal of Orisa, we can assume that we’ll get a new teaser and/pr reveal either tomorrow or on Saturday (Friday US time). A third teaser would likely hit on Monday or Tuesday next week, with a launch on the PTR by the end of the week. A full launch on public servers can be expected in early August just in time for Season 6 of Competitive Play.


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