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Overwatch season 6 spray leaked alongside new Summer Games 2017 logo

Overwatch‘s PTR patch 1.13 brought with it a host of interesting changes, and, as is the case with most new updates, dataminers have found their way into the patch’s files, discovering some interesting information about upcoming Competitive rewards and Events.

ZingBallyHoo on Reddit managed to come across some files that point to the heavily-rumoured Summer Games 2017 event, as well as the reward spray for Competitive Play season 6.

Here’s the Summer Games logo.

As you can see, it’s fairly obvious that we’re set for some more themed events in the near future, and hopefully some more Lucio Ball. Last month, Redditor, Elooohell, noticed in the PTR Career Profile that “goals”, “interceptions” and “saves” are all listed. It would be rather strange for Blizzard to include these in the profile listing without actually having plans to bring back Lucio Ball.

Also found in the data is a new spray, which is assumed to be the Top 500 award for Competitive Play season 6, which is expected to launch in August. As you can see below, the spray references the Temple of Anubis, considering the desert setting … or could it perhaps reference a new map?

There’s no word yet on when the new Summer Games event will start, or even when Season 5 will end and Season 6 start. We’re very close to both, however, with the former expected to hit before the end of the month, while Season 6 of Competitive Play will likely start in early-mid August.


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