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Overwatch patch notes: Small update fixes Orisa’s OP ultimate

Orisa mains in Overwatch can now look forward to a more streamlined progression towards her Supercharger ultimate thanks to a bug fix in the latest Overwatch update.

Blizzard is always working to improve balancing and functionality of heroes, and even with new events, heroes and more on the horizon, the development team is always on edge to ensure the meta is stable and consistent.

With a fine roster of complex heroes already keeping the team occupied, it’s no surprise that the latest update is so small and focused in size.

Update focuses on Orisa, and alongside a fix to a Pharah voiceline, only adjusts a very small but still very significant part of the gameplay experience.

Live across PC and console from today, this update adjusts a glitch with one of Pharah’s voice lines, with her “I am the rocket queen” voiceline not playing correctly pre-patch.

The important change here comes by the way of Orisa’s ultimate, the Supercharger. Previously, a bug made it so you could recharge her ultimate while having the Supercharger placed and active, meaning a super strong team attack using the ultimate could lead to another drop fairly quickly.

As you can imagine, this led to some almighty broken games, and with the competitive season in full swing it was imperative that Blizzard looked to address this.

Now you can rest assured that Orisa’s ultimate won’t be appearing so often during a match … just in case you were worried about that sort of thing.

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