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Overwatch Legendary loot box gifted to Amazon and Twitch Prime members

If you’re a Twitch and/or Amazon Prime member and also happen to be an Overwatch player, today is your lucky day.

Blizzard and Twitch have announced a new streaming exclusivity partnership, which will see the broadcasting platform host a number of Blizzard esports events across its range of titles, including Heroes of the StormHearthstone, and Overwatch.

If you’re a Prime member of either Twitch or Amazon, as a celebration for the new partnership you’ll receive a Golden Loot Box right now. Yes, you’ll be guaranteed at least one Legendary item.

Over the new few months, your account will be gifted an additional 10 normal loot boxes and thanks for your commitment to the service. Blizzard says similar rewards are in the works for Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.


Twitch says the partnership will last over the next two years, with streaming plans extending across 20 different Blizzard eSports tournaments.

That includes the upcoming StarCraft II World Challenger Series, and the Overwatch Premier Series.

This new comes just as Overwatch players received a new map and important new update, which saw changes to the likes of McCree and Roadhog.

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