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Overwatch D.Va voice actor teases a ‘Friday reveal’ for something big

It’s been an interesting week for Overwatch players. The latest update introduces the Horizon Lunar Colony map, alongside a number of important and controversial changes to heroes Roadhog, Reaper and McCree.

Come Friday, we could have another important addition to the game — or related to the game — although it’s hard to tell exactly what Blizzard has in store.

Taking to Twitter, D.Va voice actor, Charlet Chung, said a “Friday reveal” with “sneak peaks all week” was on the agenda. This was taken in front of the Overwatch logo at Blizzard HQ, so we have to assume it’s related to the game.

With the latest update hitting yesterday, this simply can’t be a coincidence. Some fans have hypothesised that it’s related to new D.Va merchandise considering the nature of the Tweet, although it could also be related to a new event, perhaps the heavily rumoured and datamined 2017 Summer Games event.

It would certainly make sense for the event to launch soon, perhaps in the early weeks of July, seeing as the latest update brought with it a new map and a number of key changes to heroes.

There’s also the possibility new modes could be added and then introduced to the PTR, although it would seem at odds with Chung’s openly public proclamation of “sneak peaks” all week.

It could also be nothing all that related to the game itself, and perhaps something that involves herself and Overwatch voice actor colleagues: just today, her and Lucio voice actor, Jonny Cruz, held a live stream on Facebook.

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