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Overwatch World Cup: Everything you need to know about dates, tickets, and team rosters

The Overwatch World Cup is returning in 2017. The country rankings have been determined — Australia is ranked 13th in the world — the schedules have been set and the groups announced.

It’s now less than a month until the group stages officially kick off around the world. Events held in China, Australia, Poland and the US will be kicking off on July 13 in Shanghai For the full team rosters, check out the official World Cup website.

Shanghai, China

  • When: July 13-15
  • How To Attend: Tickets

Group A

China (Ranked 1st); Hong Kong (16th); Norway (17th); Romania (32nd)

Group B

France (8th); Denmark (9th); Thailand (24th); Argentina (25th)


Sydney, Australia

  • When: July 20-22
  • How To Attend: Tickets now on sale

Group C

Sweden (4th); Australia (13th); Italy (20th); Portugal (29th)

Group D

Finland (5th); Japan (12th); Spain (21st); Vietnam (28th)


Katowice, Poland

  • When: August 4-6
  • How To Attend: Tickets

Group E

South Korea (2nd); Netherlands (15th); Poland (18th); Austria (21st)

 Group F

Canada (7th); Russia (10th); Singapore (23rd); Turkey (23rd)


Burbank, California

  • When: August 11-13
  • How To Attend: TBC

Group G

United States (3rd); Chinese Taipei (14th); Brazil (19th); New Zealand (30th)

Group H

United Kingdom (6th); Germany (11th); Israel (22nd); Belgium (27th)

The group stage will see the top two teams from each group moving onto a single-elimination playoff, with the winners from each group moving onto the eight-team field at BlizzCon in November.

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