Star Wars Battlefront 2’s free content plan is an important step for the industry Star Wars Battlefront 2’s free content plan is an important step for the industry
Battlefront II could be the start of a new era of DLC from the publisher. Star Wars Battlefront 2’s free content plan is an important step for the industry

EA has learnt a thing or two about DLC and expansion packs over the years. The first Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare set the standard, offering a content plan that kept the community together and playing for a long while after launch.

Unfortunately, the publisher didn’t apply the same strategy to Titanfall or the first Battlefront. While Titanfall 2 certainly improved in the area with a more accessible, affordable and appealing approach to DLC, Battlefront was a hard sell from the get-go, with a shallow launch offering as well as paid expansions that divided the community.

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Battlefront II could be the start of a new era of DLC from the publisher. DICE lifted the lid off gameplay during EA’s press conference, and with the game looking as good as it does, it’s important that it manages to make amends for its predecessor’s disappointing launch offerings.

It could well do that with what is essentially the abolishment of the dreaded Season Pass. Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s heroes and maps will be available for free, ensuring all players have access to the same content at any one time.

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This is an important step for EA and the industry in general. The publisher is a big player in the multiplayer space, and while the likes of Battlefield can survive a paid content strategy — it’s community is large and dedicated enough — a brand like Battlefront needs a more accessible approach in order to establish a long-lasting and committed community, which it simply doesn’t have yet.

Perhaps EA was banking on the hype and fame of the original Battlefront entries when it decided the content plan for the first DICE entry. Whatever the reason for that approach, it led to significant player drop-off.

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With Battlefront II, EA and DICE want the game to not only be deeper at launch, but to also have a strategy in place that keeps the community engaged and entertained.

The first of the DLC offerings for Battlefront II will unsurprisingly be related to this year’s The Last Jedi, with Finn and Captain Phasma now confirmed.

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EA has in the past promised more content at launch for Battlefront II, and during yesterday’s press conference, the publisher reiterated that the game would launch with more than three times the content the first game had.

While the game itself looks like more of the same — not that that’s a bad thing — the important change comes in the way of a DLC plan and launch strategy that makes Battlefront II infinitely more appealing.

battlefront 2 trailer

Check out the multiplayer gameplay reveal below.

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