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Overwatch Season 5 start times for your region

Today marks the beginning of Overwatch‘s season 5 of Competitive Play.

You’ll start things off with 10 placement matches, as has been the case in past seasons. Your Matchmaking Ranking will carry over from previous seasons, however, meaning that if you’re a Silver in the 1800 range, your ranking won’t change too much, regardless of your performance in the placement matches. You can certainly boost up after placement, but your performance is going to need to be especially awesome.

So when does Overwatch season 5 start in your region? Here are all the times for your region.

Overwatch Season 5 Start Times

North America

  • Pacific: 5 PM
  • Mountain: 6 PM
  • Central: 7 PM
  • Eastern: 8 PM


  • CEST: June 1, 2 AM.
  • GMT: June 1, 1 AM

Asia / Australasia

  • Seoul: June 1, 9 am
  • Taipei: June 1, 8am
  • Sydney: June 1, 10am
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