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Overwatch moon map launches on PTR

The rumours were true: Overwatch is heading to the moon!

Just as gamers celebrate Overwatch‘s one-year anniversary with a stack of new skins and other goodies, Blizzard has launched the next piece of big new content: the Assault map, “Horizon Lunar Colony”.

The Horizon Lunar Colony was originally the home of everyone’s favourite walking, talking, raging gorilla Winston. We’ve seen in comics and in animated shorts that he grew up here, and was a test subject as detailed in the “Recall” animated short.

There was a gorilla uprising — because of course — and all of the humans on the base were killed.

Thankfully, Winston managed to escape and return to Earth, where he helped form Overwatch.

The new map gives us our first deep look at Winston’s home, with what will surely be some hidden story Easter Eggs and what no floating about.

And, yes, with the game being based on the moon, that means there’s low gravity shenanigans taking place.

Horizon Lunar Colony is now available on the Public Test Realm (PTR) server, so we should probably expect it on public servers for PC, Xbox One and PS4 before the end of June.


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