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Far Cry 5 co-op lets you play the whole campaign with a friend, but local is off the table

We’ve set ourselves up for a huge E3, with Ubisoft finally lifting the lid off the next entry in the famed Far Cry series.

Taking place in rural Montana and following the sinister path of a religious cult called The Project, Far Cry 5 looks to take everything we’ve come to love about the open-world, action-packed Far Cry experience, and put it in a familiar and close-to-home backdrop of Any Town USA.

Some big news to come out after the first official trailer for Far Cry 5 is that it will indeed have online co-op for up to two players, which will allow you and a friend to blast through the game’s campaign together from start to finish.

Unfortunately, that cooperative element won’t include local co-op. We know that you’ll be able to play as either a man or a woman, but it’s unknown how this will work in the co-op environment, and if each player will need to create their own, or if the story will follow the same one character for both players.

The latest trailer for Far Cry 5 lifted the lid on a new epic open-world adventure, in which we’ll go up against Joseph “The Father” Seed, the leader of a powerful and demanding cult called The Project.

The Project is doing a big recruitment process in preparation for the end of the world, so obviously we’ll be taking on the roll of someone keen on putting an end to their ravaging ways.

Check out the announcement trailer below. The game’s out February 27 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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