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Far Cry 5 character creation detailed, play as a man or woman

In Far Cry 5, you’ll take on the role of a Deputy Sheriff. As far as established, scripted characters go, that’s as restrictive as Far Cry 5 gets. That’s because the game will have a character creation suite, and you’ll be able to shape your deputy however you see fit … to a degree.

You’ll be able to pick your character’s gender, and possibly race, but being a first-person action game, that’s probably as deep as it goes.

Your decision to choose either male or female will hopefully change the way the game world interacts with you. We don’t know how exactly the game world changes based on how you choose to create your character, but it would be pointless to include the feature if it didn’t have world consequences or story elements attached to your decisions.

The decision to create your own character is one of a number of exciting new gameplay features coming to Far Cry 5, and we’ll surely learn more about the game out of E3 2017. Fenix Bazaar will get a chance to see the game in action next month, so be sure to keep an eye out for our coverage.

Players can also look forward to online co-op, allowing up to two friends to blast through Far Cry 5‘s campaign together from start to finish.

The latest trailer for Far Cry 5 lifted the lid on a new epic open-world adventure, in which we’ll go up against Joseph “The Father” Seed, the leader of a powerful and demanding cult called The Project.

The Project is doing a big recruitment process in preparation for the end of the world, so obviously we’ll be taking on the role of someone keen on putting an end to their ravaging ways.

Check out the announcement trailer below. The game’s out February 27 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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