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32-inch Bloodborne statue will set you back a few quid

FromSoftware’s Bloodborne quickly established itself as one of the PS4’s must-have titles upon release back in 2015. It still stands as one of the console’s best, and while we haven’t heard much about the game, world, or characters since, it still holds a pretty special place among PlayStation gamers.

That would probably explain Prime 1 Studios’ intent with this extraordinary new 32-inch Bloodborne statue, which is clearly designed and priced to appeal to only the most diehard of Bloodborne  and FromSoftware fans.

bloodborne statue

Although it’s really not all that surprising: Prime 1 is known for its expensive game-related merchandise and statues, and so there’s no reason why Bloodborne should be an exception here.

Coming in at $799 USD — or $90 per month on a payment plan — this Bloodborne statue comes with a number of interchangeable pieces:

  • One interchangeable right hand holding a Saw Cleaver
  • One interchangeable right hand holding a Hunter Axe
  • One interchangeable street lamp
  • One interchangeable street pillar
  • One interchangeable right hand holding a Threaded Cane

If you have the inkling to add this beast to your collection, purchase it here. It’s due for release between July and September 2018. Prime 1 also makes an effort to not that the design in the photos is a “prototype”, and that the final product may differ.

Nonetheless, it’s quite the piece of Bloodborne memorabilia.

bloodborne statue


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