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Zelda mobile game due out later this year, new report claims

Nintendo is ramping up its mobile efforts with Animal Crossing, and it could yet bring arguably its most notable franchise in The Legend of Zelda to mobile platforms.

A report on the Wall Street Journal says Nintendo is planning to release a Zelda mobile game shortly after it releases the planned Animal Crossing offering, adding to the company mobile portfolio that already includes the likes of Super Mario and Fire Emblem.

Reportedly due for release in the second half of the final year after Animal Crossing (which is due for release before the end of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2018), Zelda on mobile would stand to only further strengthen Nintendo’s growth and market share after impressive Switch sales.

Nintendo CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima, had earlier this year mentioned during an earnings call that there were plans to release three more mobile games by the end of the financial year (March 2018).

The gaming giant generated more than $170 million in additional revenue from its mobile releases in 2016: Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Nintendo approaches the famed Zelda franchise for an appearance on mobile.

Two games in the franchise — Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks — have appeared on handhelds, controlled by touch.

Both of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes are touch-enabled games, so there’s certainly no reason why Zelda couldn’t get the same treatment for mobile.

The big question, however, is how the game is monetised.

Nintendo has mentioned that the paid mobile offered by Super Mario Run — a premium price with minimal in-game purchases — is its ideal mobile for mobile games.


Asafe Gonzaga

Saturday 2nd of September 2017

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