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Overwatch art book and comic anthology revealed

If you’re one to obsess over the lore, world and characters of Overwatch, then this newly revealed Overwatch merchandise should please you. As listed on AmazonOverwatch fans can look forward to a great new art book, as well as a comic anthology that bundles in all of the released Overwatch comics released thus far.

The Art of Overwatch offers up a 368-page insight into the aesthetic design of Blizzard’s multiplayer juggernaut.

It will also feature never-before-seen art from the developers, as well as written words and commentary from the Overwatch team.

The Art of Overwatch will come in two versions: a $50 USD hardcover version, and a limited edition version worth $100 USD.

The latter comes with a special clamshell box, as well as three prints from the Overwatch team.

Blizzard is always one to hide secrets and hints in stuff like this, just as they have in maps in the actual game, and in some of the dialogue and comics. The Art Of Overwatch will probably stand as yet another interesting insight into future heroes and even ones that never made it past concept.

Also up for sale is the Overwatch anthology from Dark Horse Books. It’ll set you back $20 USD, and while it’ll feature all of the Overwatch comics that have already been released digitally, it’ll be nice to have them all in one nice package.




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