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NBA Playgrounds patch notes: Update 1.0.3 fixes the game’s ridiculous stealing

If you’ve been working your way through NBA Playgrounds on the way to landing every Legend player in the game, you would have surely found yourself battling the game’s ridiculous stealing mechanic.

While it seems to work sparingly for human players — and the game even goes as far as to tell you that knowing when steal is really important — AI-controlled opponents seem to know how and when to steal, and appear to execute theft with relative ease.

That said, simply spamming the steal button in online matches would eventually lead to theft, and that was incredibly frustrating.

Thankfully, with a new patch having already launched for the game, steals have received a significant nerf.

This update will make it so spamming the steal button actually eats into your player’s stamina, so spamming the button is no longer a viable option.

You could counter this by selecting a player with high steal and stamina ratings, but the tactic is still going to slow your player down significantly.


Here’s the full list of patch notes for NBA Playgrounds.


Monday 15th of May 2017

You makes you wonder exactly what sort of QA/QC are done on these types of games.

It would have taken anyone maybe 3 or 4 minutes of game play to realize the stealing mechanism was severely broken. Similarly, it would take someone an equally short time frame to realize the timing of dunks, under hoop layups, etc etc just......broken.

So either nothing was tested, or it was tested very very softly.

A game like this shouldn't be hard to execute, give the genre was perfected 20+ years ago.

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