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AFL Evolution career mode tips: Guide to become a pro

AFL Evolution is finally here, having launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and bringing with it plenty of fanfare. The game has received somewhat of a mixed response, but footy fans are still having a blast playing Wicked Witch’s latest AFL game.

We’re not particularly well serviced when it comes to pro Australian sports game, at least not compared to the likes of FIFA and NBA. We’re lucky to get a game, though, and AFL Evolution adds a great new mode called Be A Pro.

Be A Pro stands to be the best mode in AFL Evolution, as it puts you in control of your own created player — or an already created player, but that’s no fun — as you attempt to climb the ranks on the way to AFL stardom.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of being a superstar football player: the stats you should focus on, the ideal position you should be playing, and how to best approach the mode overall.

Getting Started

Choosing A Position

Choosing a position for your chosen player is fairly important, as it’ll ultimately be a reflection of your play style.

Unlike FIFA and NBA 2K‘s MyPlayer mode, AFL Evolution‘s Be A Pro isn’t all that punishing, so you can certainly test the basics with your player in this mode, should you choose a position you’re not used to. It’s still recommended you give the game a go in a quick match, however, just so you can boost your player’s stats as quickly as possible.

So, which position should you choose? Let’s take a look at each.


If you’re comfortable controlling the play and feel as though you have a good grasps of the basics, then midfield is good because you’ll always be in the thick of the action.

The ruckman, however, needs to be more active than your standard mid, as they need to get around the ground a little more. Work on your timing at ruck taps, and ensure you beat your opponent to the ball at its lowest point of the drop.


The backline is a variety of positions. You can opt for a flanker or key position defender, in which case you can roam the opposition’s forward line.

Alternatively you can opt to play Full Back, and simply stick to the opposition’s key forward. Choosing this positions dictates you have precision marking abilities down, so make sure you have the game’s marking mechanics down pat first.


This is very much similar to the backline, except you’re in attacking mode and ultimately want to keep the ball forward of centre as often as possible.

I started Be A Pro, as a full forward, and if you can figure out the skillset of your teammates, and know when to call for the ball (generally within a 15-20 metre distance), then you’ll mark everything and kick 5-6 goals a game.

Creating Your Player

Midfielder’s should be lean, but not too thing. You want good core upper strength to shrug tackles. Mould your ruckman off a player like, say, Max Gawn, is probably ideal for that position.

Defenders and forward line players need to be either exceptionally tall and strong (key position), or mid-height and quick (for all other positions).

Playing Games

The general rule of thumb here is the same as every other “pro” career in sports games: don’t try too hard.

Don’t overcall for the ball, and don’t try to take out 50 players at once. While it’s tempting, your newly created player will likely be slowly with low stamina, so they might get past one opponent, but chances are they won’t blast through the second.

Try and think about how a natural game plays out organically. Work your way into the game, and try to get strings of passages together.

Upgrading Attributes

This will depend on what position your player is. The game gives you an insight into the type of skills you should be upgrading. A full forward, for example, needs kicking, marking, strength as key stat groups.

A midfield needs precision handpass skills, kicking, tackling, and speed. A ruckman needs vertical leap ability, strong marking, agility, and stamina.

All try to apply the general rule of thumb for a natural player in the actual AFL. That way you can get the most out of the experience, and build that champion player.

Got any tips for AFL Evolution? Sound off in the comments below!

Sylvia Vasas

Saturday 20th of May 2017

My son is playing but he almost gets as much time off the field as on the field in career mode but you have to keep watching the game when you're not playing yourself, you can't sim like other games. Anyone know how to get around this as he's getting put off the game already and had only had it for a day...

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