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Heroes Of The Storm 2.0 launches with new Overwatch-themed event

The some 25 million Overwatch players are being treated with yet another Heroes of the Storm event, with the cross-franchise action strategy game kick starting Nexus Challenge 2.0.

This new event will offer players a skin called Officer D.Va, with the checklist being to simply play Heroes of the Storm with some friends online.

The Nexus Challenge has proven to be a popular event in Heroes of the Storm, bringing across characters from what is arguably Blizzard’s most popular game at the moment in Overwatch.

It previously offered up Oni Genji skins, with this second round coming just as Heroes of the Storm 2.0 has been unleashed on the masses. The Genji skin will also be available in Nexus Challenge 2.0, having previously only been available in the initial event back in November.

To get the skins you’ll need to play Heroes of the Storm for the four-week period that the Challenge is live, and play at least five games per week with at least one friend in either quick match, ranked, or unranked modes.

Here’s the full list of loot you can earn during Nexus Challenge 2.0:

Week 1

  • Oni Genji skin for Overwatch
  • Oni Genji icon for Overwatch
  • Oni Genji spray for Overwatch
  • Orochi Hovercycle mount and banner for Heroes of the Storm

Week 2

  • Officer D.Va skin for Overwatch
  • Busan Police Hovercycle mount for Heroes of the Storm

Week 3

  • Officer D.Va icon for Overwatch
  • Officer D.Va spray for Overwatch
  • Overwatch Nexagon mount and Officer D.Va portrait, spray and banner for Heroes of the Storm

Week 4

  • 10 loot boxes for both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm

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