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Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer details on Vehicles, Lightsabers, and Pick-Ups emerge

This past weekend’s Star Wars Celebration gave us a whole heap of insight into DICE’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The reveal trailer lifted the lid off the game’s story, and also provided some interesting insight into the game’s multiplayer, setting, and characters.

A number of key details were revealed in patches throughout the weekend, but embargo has now lifted on a press-only Q&A session with the game’s developers, expanding upon what we already know about some of the multiplayer’s core features.

By way of YouTube channel Battlefront Updates, we have fresh details on Battlefront 2‘s vehicles, pick-ups, combat, and classes.

Let’s talk about pick-ups first, because they were perhaps the more contentious and divisive feature of the first Battlefront reboot in 2015.

DICE has already confirmed that it was moving away from randomised pick-ups on the battlefield, with the core objective of the new system to reward higher skilled players with more gameplay options.

The balancing act for DICE, however, will be in creating a playing field where all players, regardless of skill, can have access to Heroes. Pick-ups previously made it so anyone close enough to a randomised location could become a Hero, but it appears DICE will reward good players, while also allowing perhaps a slower build-up time for players on a lower skill bracket.

Many committed Battlefront players are embracing this change, appreciating that it rewards players that commit to the game to become better players.

As for vehicle pick-ups, these have also been dropped, as DICE wants to limit players dropping in and out of maps upon picking up an icon.

Instead, it appears as though Battlefront 2 will go a similar route as Battlefield 1‘s vehicle class system, in which you craft a vehicle class, and select it to spawn into if there are available spots.

Disappointingly, you won’t be able to land or take-off from the ground with vehicles, as DICE didn’t believe this fit into the game, “gameplay wise”.

While Hero and Vehicle pick-ups have been scrapped, DICE has confirmed that weapon pick-ups — such as the smart rocket — will still be scattered around maps.

If you find yourself in a Hero vs Hero battle, DICE says it has drastically improved the lightsaber combat, and that overall, Battlefront 2 will be a far more physical game.

The combat system for heroes has been completely reworked, ditching the old system used in the first game, which was a slightly tweaked version of the system from recent Battlefield games.

battlefront 2 trailer

DICE promises that heroes will feel “more powerful and responsive” when you’re in control, a far cry from the at-times clunky and unresponsive nature of heroes in the first Battlefront.

On the weapons front, DICE is aiming to make Battlefront 2 similarly “approachable” as the first game, as opposed to complex and broad as in Battlefield games. The studio insists, however, that it wouldn’t called the gunplay “casual”.

The studio is working on refining how the game plays when ADS’ or hipfiring, which is something that has been atop community wishlists for a while now.

battlefront 2 trailer

Partner and squad systems have been scratched, but DICE says it will share something new and “cool” in the near future.

As for a fan “favourite” in the jump pack, not all classes will have access to it, and only specific classes and characters will have the opportunity to access it.

That’s a lot to take in, and there’s sure to be more information on Battlefront 2‘s multiplayer in the coming weeks leading into E3.

Perhaps one of the biggest news pieces out of Star Wars Celebration was that Battlefront 2 will offer two-player offline split-screen action exclusively on console, just as was the case in the first game.

You’ll be able to customise rewards, and bring those upgrades into the online multiplayer.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 launches November 17 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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