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Overwatch on Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro: Blizzard ‘super eager to support’

With the unveiling of Project Scorpio‘s specs overnight, the gaming world is preparing to move into the 4K era.

Promising native 4K gaming and streaming, Scorpio stands to be the most popular gaming console on the market.

The folks over at Digital Foundry covered the console’s power extensively, and confirmed that the console can indeed run games in native 4K, having seen Forza Motorsport 7 doing just that.

Scorpio is a significant boost over the Xbox One, and is slightly more powerful than the PS4 Pro. One question that remains is how much it will cost, which we have discussed here.

Another question is related to game support, and whether third-party developers will actually jump on board to support the console with updates for their games to run natively in 4K.

overwatch xbox scorpio

One game that stands to be among the most requested by fans for an update is Blizzard’s Overwatch.

The game already supports 4K on PC, but as it stands there’s no native 4K support for consoles.

That could change with Scorpio, however, with game director, Jeff Kaplan, saying the studio wants to support the technology as much as possible.

overwatch xbox scorpio

“With both the advancements that Sony and Microsoft have made to their platforms, we’re super-eager to support in whatever way we can,” Kaplan told IBTimes.

Kaplan explained that the studio was taking a “wait and see approach”, and that the engine team “loves doing things like supporting”.

“Any time we can make the game look better,” he continued, “they like supporting it. Obviously we’re supporting 4K on PC already, so it’s something the game is capable of doing.”

overwatch xbox scorpio

He explained that as long as something didn’t “break the game in some other way”, or incur technical cost that is “prohibitive”, Blizzard would eventually invest in the hardware.

“We would obviously try to go along with the advancements, and be very supportive of advancements on all of our platforms,” Kaplan said.

For more information on Xbox Scorpio, check out our news hub.

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