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Mass Effect Andromeda patch: Breaking down the fixes and changes

Bioware promised big changes for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and later this week we’ll get the first patch that will address a number of the title’s more glaring issues.

In a statement released last week, the studio said it had received a lot of feedback, and that it planned to reveal its “immediate plans” for the game on April 4.

The first patch will arrive on Friday Australian time, and will fix a number of bugs. Let’s take a look at each.

mass effect andromeda interview

Allowing you to skip ahead when travelling between planets in the galaxy map

This is perhaps one of the more requested changes from the Mass Effect community. Initially, flying between the planets is fun because it gives you an opportunity to contextualise the distance between locations.

Within a few hours, however, and it becomes increasing tedious. For those of us that haven’t finished the game, this change can significantly speed things up.

Increasing the inventory limits

We don’t know how much the increase will offer, but the current maximum of 80 simply isn’t enough for a game of this size. Anything around the 200 mark would be appreciated.

mass effect andromeda interview

Improving the appearance of eyes for humans and asari characters

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Bioware fixes this. The eyes of some characters play a big part of what makes the facial animations look so weird, so the changes here may significantly improve how we see each character.

Decreasing the cost of remnant decryption keys and making them more accessible at merchant

This isn’t so useful for me now that I’ve unlocked every Remnant site puzzle, but having more of these available would certainly make for a more streamlined and enjoyable experience, especially for those that struggle with the puzzles.

mass effect andromeda interview

Improving localized voice over lip sync

I’m not sure what precisely this refers to but it obviously has something to do with languages other than English.

Fixing Ryder’s movements when running in a zig zag pattern

All you need to do is head on over to YouTube to see how bad some of Ryder’s movement animations are. You would have surely noticed it during your own playthrough: the wonky walking and running movements Ryder makes.

Improving matchmaking and latency in multiplayer

This is to be expected for a multiplayer game.

Bioware also spoke briefly about additional changes that will come in the near future. Here’s what we can expect.

mass effect andromeda interview

More options and variety in the character creator

The character creation suite is probably one of the game’s more disappointing features. It’ll be interesting to see how they evolve and expand this part of the game.

Improvements to hair and general appearance for characters

This is more important than it should be in a AAA game.

Ongoing improvements to cinematic scenes and animations

I haven’t experienced many of the hilarious cutscenes bugs that are doing the rounds online, but they seem to be fairly prevalent.

mass effect andromeda interview

Improvements to male romance options for Scott Ryder

It’s been fairly well publicised that the gay romance options for Scott are disappointingly shallow. Bioware has spoken about how it is taking this “very seriously“.

So what are your thoughts on the changes and the game? Sound off in the comments below, and vote in our poll!

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