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Super Mario Run guide: How to get more Toad Rally Tickets

Super Mario Run has finally hit the App Store, and we’ve been playing it a lot to help put together some helpful guides!

We’ve already covered the World Tour with some tips to guide you through the game’s gameplay basics and fundamentals.

There’s another mode in Super Mario Run called “Toad Rally”, in which players race against each other to earn coins and additional “fans”, or, to be specific, Toads.

super mario run toad rally tickets

Once you earn Toads as your fans, they will join your kingdom, and the more Toads you have, the more things you can build in the Kingdom Builder Mode.

In this guide we’ll take you through the process to earning more Toad Rally Tickets on the way to building the biggest and greatest Kingdom ever! You’ll need this tickets to participate in Toad Rally.

How to get Toad Rally Tickets

There are numerous ways to earn Toad Rally tickets in Super Mario Run, and no one way is particularly challenging.

Sometimes you’ll earn tickets without even having tried, which is a great way for newcomers and those not familiar with the game to get involved and rewarded before really digging into the game’s fundamentals.

Others take a little more commitment and time to earn, and hopefully this guide can help you in those scenarios.

super mario run toad rally tickets

Collect Pink Coins

Pink Coins are scattered across each level, with five to be collected in total. Don’t worry: if you don’t collect all five, you’ll be able to return to collect the remaining few. That’s the beauty of Super Mario Run: you can return and replay the levels as often as you like!

In order to be rewarded with Toad Rally tickets, you’ll need to collect all 5 special coins in a level. Sometimes you’ll be rewarded with simple gold coins, which are also useful if you want to decorate your Kingdom. But you may also be rewarded with illusive Toad Rally tickets, so make sure you go back and replay levels to find those pink coins!

Complete Toad Rally Races

This is a strange one, because you need Toad Rally tickets to compete in Toad Rally races, which reward you Toad Rally tickets. It’s a boost, albeit a strange one to your ticket tally. Once you have earned enough tickets, compete in some races, and you might just earn back the tickets you spent to enter race in the first place!

super mario run toad rally tickets

Bonus Games

When you start building up, decorating and upgrading your Kingdom, you’ll notice there’s a purchasable item called Bonus Houses.

These houses slowly refill over time, and once they do, you can enter into a Bonus Game simply by tapping them.

In these games, you’ll be up against the clock to collect as many coins as possible and to search for a hidden chest housing a special item. These Bonus Games don’t always reward Toad Rally tickets, but they’re still a fun and engaging way to earn them outside of the World Tour mode.

They’re tough, however — probably the toughest in the game to earn Toad Rally tickets — but once you familiarise yourself with the game’s basic, it should be a breeze!

super mario run toad rally tickets

Buy Super Mario Run

You’ll be able to play a few levels in the free version of Super Mario Run, but the full version will set you back $14.99 (check out this guide for the cost in your region).

Buying the full version will net you 3,000 coins, a Question Block decoration for your Kingdom, and, importantly, 20 Toad Rally tickets.

That’s a pretty nice reward for investing in the game!

Have any helpful tips for earning Toad Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run? Tell us in the comments below!

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