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Super Mario Run character unlock guide: How to unlock Yoshi, Luigi, and others

Super Mario Run has hit iOS devices today, and as expected, the world is engulfed in Super Mario mania!

The game is extremely easy and fun to play, and we already have you covered for playing and understanding the game’s fundamentals in our World Tour game guide.

We also have a helpful guide for earning Toad Rally tickets in the game, which are useful for entering the Toad Rally and earning new features and resources to build up your Kingdom in the builder.

super mario run toad rally tickets

Super Mario Run is free-to-play for a small number of levels and features, and you’ll need to pay $14.99 AUD (check out this guide for the price in your region) to get the full experience.

Thankfully, paying that price adds a tonne of additional value to the Super Mario Run experience, including the ability to play as other characters, including Yoshi, Luigi and Princess Peach.

So, how do you unlock these characters? In this guide we’ll tell you just that!

How to unlock extra characters

Much like earning Toad Rally tickets, unlocking additional characters in Super Mario Run is extremely easy.

Each character has a set number of criteria required in order to unlock, but thankfully, none are particularly challenging.

Here’s how you unlock each character in Super Mario Run.

NOTE: Mario is unlocked by default.

How to unlock Luigi

You’ll need to unlock a specific building in the Mushroom Kingdom in order to unlock Luigi. It’s called the “Luigi House” (obviously). To do this, collect 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads.

How to unlock Princess Peach

This character unlock will probably take you the longest to achieve. You’ll need to complete every single level across all six worlds in Super Mario Run to unlock her as a playable character.

How to unlock Toadette

As with Luigi, you’ll need to unlock Toadette’s house in the Mushroom Kingdom. To do this, collect 200 Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow Toads in Toad Rally.

super mario run toad rally tickets

How to unlock Yoshi

You’ll need to unlock Yoshi’s building in the Mushroom Kingdom. To do this, unlock 30 Red and 30 Yellow Toads.

How to unlock Toad

To unlock Toad, simply link your My Nintendo account to the game. That’s it!

For more guides, be sure to check out our Super Mario Run hub!

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