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Mario Kart 64 played using a real Chevy as a controller, thanks to Raspberry Pi

This may very well be the most expensive racing game setup ever, but it’s definitely the coolest.

Crafty hacker “Dan” has managed to hack into his Chevy Volt (via Motherboard) and use it as the ultimate Mario Kart 64 controller.

The project actually started on a Honda CR-V, and won a number of awards at a Hackathon Illionois 2016 event last year.

“We only bricked the car twice,” Dan said at the time.


Dan and his team also tried their hand on his dad’s far more expensive Chevy Volt, using a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to hack into the car’s diagnostics and work alongside an N64 emulator.

The end result is Mario Kart 64 played using the Chevy’s steering wheel to control the kart, and both pedals for acceleration and brake.


Jumping and drifting requires a simple flick of the car’s high beams.

Check out the video of the hack below.

Harold Burton

Monday 9th of August 2021

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