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Mass Effect Andromeda profiles guide: How to unlock all profiles

Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s profiles system is unlike any character customisation suite we’ve seen in a Mass Effect game before.

Combined with the flexible classes system, profiles allow you to mix and match your play style with a number of class boosters. Fancy yourself as a special battlefield commando? Then maybe the Soldier profile is for you. Love your Biotic powers? Then you can’t look beyond the Adept profile!

mass effect andromeda profiles

If you want a deeper look at Profiles, be sure to look at our Profiles guide to see which is best for you.

Profiles offer special stat boosts, and there are six to choose from. When you create your character you’ll get one for free, depending on the character class you choose. As you invest skill points across the board, you’ll get different boosts in the different areas of Combat, Biotics, and Tech.

Here are the basic minimum unlock requirements for each Profile.

mass effect andromeda profiles


How To Unlock: Spend 6 points in Combat skills


How To Unlock: Spend 6 points in Tech skills


How To Unlock: Spend 6 points in Biotics skills


How To Unlock: Spend 3 points in both Biotics and Tech skills


How To Unlock: Spend 3 points in both Combat and Biotics skills


How To Unlock: Spend 3 points in both Combat and Tech skills


How To Unlock: Spend 2 points in both Combat, Tech and Biotics

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