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Mass Effect Andromeda guide – How to increase weapon inventory size

Combat plays a pretty important role in Mass Effect: Andromeda, so it goes without saying that being well-equipped and packing plenty of heat is fairly important when venturing out to explore a planet.

In our review we said combat was the best it’s ever been in the Mass Effect series, and there a ways to get even more out of the most basic of features and offerings.

Before you leave the Tempest or an outpost to explore a planet, you’ll have the option to customise your loadout. You can also do this from on the Tempest. From this point, you’ll be able to choose a melee weapon, and up to four side weapons.

Initially, you’ll start off with a single melee weapon and two side weapons, but you can unlock a fourth and fifth weapon slot fairly easily.

We’ve already spoken about Skills and Skills Points, and how they tie into Profiles and the way in which your Ryder is customised.

As you explore and complete missions and objectives, you’ll unlock Skill Points, which can then be used to unlock additional abilities across Combat, Biotics and Tech.


In order to increase your inventory, you’ll need to upgrade a specific skill in Combat in order to open the fourth and fifth weapon slots.

The skill is called “COMBAT FITNESS”, and is found under the “Combat” Skill tree. If you upgrade this Skill to Rank 3, you’ll unlock the fourth weapon slot. Upgrade it to Rank 5, and you’ll unlock the fifth weapon slot.



You’ll need 15 Skill Points in total to unlock all of the ranks to open the fifth weapon inventory.

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