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New Overwatch comic reveals bond between Bastion and Torbjorn

Blizzard has used comic books to delve into Overwatch‘s intriguing lore, and the latest entry gives insight into one of the stranger relationships in the universe.

Back in December, the Overwatch comics range added some much-needed insight into one of its most prominent and popular characters.

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Its character lineup has always been among the most diverse in gaming, and chances were that eventually Blizzard would reveal at least one of the hero lineup to be LGBTQ.

The studio confirmed that it would go down that path, and as expected, murmurs started spreading about which character it would be, and how Blizzard would make the revelation.

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We now know that Tracer is the first queer Overwatch character, having been ousted in the latest webcomic, Reflections. In it, we see Tracer kissing another women — Emily.

In this month’s comic book, we get a look another relationship, although one not quite as intimate.


Titled “Binary”, this latest Overwatch comic follows Torbjorn as he attempts to hunt down a rogue Omnic hiding out in the forrest.

Set after the Omnic Crisis, Torbjorn is understandably very cautious of the unit, regardless of the fact it appears unlikely to actually attack anyone.

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By the end of the comic we see that the two have formed a strange albeit professional bond.

Read it here.

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