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Here’s the Skill Rating you need to be an above-average Overwatch player

Season 4 of Overwatch‘s Competitive Play is now live, and aside from some minor changes, the experience and ranking system is mostly unchanged from Season 3.

As players battle it out for ultimate bragging rights as they climb the rankings, Blizzard has revealed some fascinating statistics about skill ratings from Season 3, breaking down the player population by skill rating.

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Overwatch principle designer, Scott Mercerrevealed where the population stands in terms of ratings, and what skill rating determines that you’re an “above average” Overwatch player.

The data below is based on season 3 data, as season 4 is too new, and the maximum skill rating of the player during the season, not their current rating. As you can see, almost 80% of the Overwatch population fits into the Silver-Gold-Platinum bracket.

  • Bronze – 6%
  • Silver – 22%
  • Gold – 34%
  • Platinum – 23%
  • Diamond – 10%
  • Master – 3%
  • Grandmaster – <1%

The median maximum skill rating is a little above 2300, so if you have a maximum skill rating of 2350, you have a SR higher than 50% of the Overwatch population.

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Breaking it down based on the more volatile current skill rating for season 4, and there are fewer players above 3000 SR than what is listed above based on Season 3 statistics.

During season 3, only 8% of the popular was above 3000 SR at any one time.

Where does your SR sit? What do you think of the system and rating system? Sound off in the comments below.

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