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Jeopardy has no Mercy for these contestants who don’t know what Overwatch is

Jeopardy is arguably the premier quiz show on television, and so being the subject of a question or topic tends to suggest a fairly significant influence on society and culture.

There’s no doubting Overwatch‘s influence on gaming culture, with the game having attracted 25 million players since its launch last May, and a highly anticipated Overwatch League set to kick off the game’s eSports push later in the year.

It goes without saying then that the game has a place within Jeopardy’s world, but maybe the game has a while to go before it gets mainstream recognition.

A recent episode of the show on February 21 asked contestants an Overwatch-themed question of which all were completely oblivious to the answer.

“You’ll receive mercy from Mercy in this and maybe — just maybe — you’ll get the Play Of The Game,” the host asks.

Cue crickets. The look on their faces says it all.

overwatch jeopardy

Check out the question and reaction below.

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