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Nioh PvP coming in late April, with high-difficulty missions also on the way

As if Nioh didn’t already service up one of the year’s deepest and toughest experiences, publisher Koei Tecmo Games is taking the title to all new heights of insanity.

The company held a livestream overnight, detailing its plans for the games leading into April and throughout the rest of the year.

To accompany New Game Plus and an already tough base game out of the box, Nioh will get high-difficulty missions in March.

nioh pvp

By way of Gematsu who translated the stream, we can expect a steady flow of additional missions, of which there will be ten.

Some will feel like boss rushes, while others will pit players up against new and terrifying enemies.

After these new missions join the fold, players can look forward to a new PvP mode, which will be added to the game in April.

nioh pvp

We can also expect Nioh‘s first DLC around that time, too.

Called Dragon of Tohoku, the DLC will add new weapons, scenarios, characters and stages to the games. Players can also expect new guardian spirits.

The second downloadable content will be Japan’s Best Warrior, while the third will be called Peaceful and Tranquil.

Nioh has proven to be one of the year’s biggest new releases, and we’ve covered it extensively here at Fenix Bazaar.

Our Umi-bozu boss battle guide will guide you towards the Evil-Warding Bonfire Locations, while our Nioh Guardian Spirits and Living Weapons guide is a necessity to help you get the absolute most out of the experience.

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