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Fire Emblem Heroes launch event adds new maps, extra Orbs

Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is celebrating a successful launch with a month-long event.

The event will offer players the opportunity to earn additional summoning Orbs, which, aside from grinding and farming, can be rather hard to come by.

fire emblem heroes how to get raven
It will run from February 6 until March 14, so there’s a good month of collecting Orbs to summon some superstar heroes.

Five maps will also be released over that time, each with two different difficulty levels.

fire emblem heroes how to get raven

Beating each map one time on both Normal and Hard will give you three additional Orbs, on top of Orbs you may earn simply by playing through and completing particular quests and objectives.

If you play through the first map that went live on February 6 before February 13, you’ll be granted Village Hero Donnel in both one and two-star variations. We can assume, then, that we’ll get characters with each additional map.

fire emblem heroes how to get raven

Here’s what you can expect over the month-long celebration.

February 6 

  • Map 1

February 13

  • Map 2

February 20

  • Map 3

February 27

  • Map 4

March 6

  • Map 5

Fire Emblem Heroes is out now on both Android and iOS.

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