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Fire Emblem Heroes Orbs guide: How to farm Orbs

Orbs form an important part of the Fire Emblem Heroes experience. They’re used as an in-game currency of sorts, which can be used to upgrade and purchase certain things.

They can be used to summon Heroes on the “Summon Heroes” page, upgrade your castle in the “Upgrade Castle” option through the Shop screen, as well as restore stamina. They are also useful for continuing a game whenever you reach the dreaded Game Over in a battle.

In this guide, we’ll take you through Orbs fundamentals in Fire Emblem Heroes: how to purchase Orbs, how to get them for free, and how to farm them.

How to purchase Orbs

Orbs can be easily purchased via the Shop screen by selecting the “Purchase Orbs” option.

You’ll need to input either a credit card, Google Play gift card, or other payment method in order to purchase Orbs.

3 Orbs: $2.99

10 Orbs: $9.99

23 Orbs: $19.99

35 Orbs: $30.99

48 Orbs: $41.99

75 Orbs: $62.99

140 Orbs: $119.99

How to get free Orbs by farming

There are a number of ways to get Orbs for free in Fire Emblem Heroes without spending a cent.

Log-in: The more you login to play Fire Emblem Heroes, the more Orbs you’ll earn as a bonus for returning to the game.

Progressing through the game: Whenever you complete a story map, you will earn Orbs.

Quests: Completing main and side quests will also earn you free Orbs.

My Nintendo: Signing up and/or linking your My Nintendo account will automatically grant you 10 free Orbs. You can do it either as soon as you start the game, or later on: there’s no expire on the free Orbs.

Orbs FAQ

Are Orbs tied to my account?

If you delete the game but didn’t link your My Nintendo account, you will lose your Orbs. In order to track your Orbs and ensure you keep them when moving to a new device, ensure you link your My Nintendo account to the game profile.

Is there cross-platform Orb sharing?

You cannot share Orbs between iOS and Android. If you link your My Nintendo account to both an iOS and Android version of the game, these are two seperate games and therefore, two seperate Orb counts.

Common Errors

Can’t purchase Orbs: This may be caused by an issue with your payment system, or the number of Orbs you have. There is a maximum of 999 Orbs per account.

Purchased Orbs aren’t appearing: This can be fixed any number of ways. Firstly, try restarting your app. If this did not work, wait a few hours, as it may take time for the server to recognise your transactions. Do not uninstall the game while you are waiting for Orbs to appear. If they don’t appear, ensure your payment method was correct, and that the payment actually went through.


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